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Need Cooking Help !

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I have a problem. My friends like american food and I told them that I can cook them for them but unfortenately I can't.

So now I need some good recipes of americen food to impress them so please help me with books, links and tips.

Thank you for your help.


Best regard,



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Maybe you shouldn't lie to your friends.


Try combining different types of meat. Wrap everything in bacon. Deep fry in oil whenever possible, especially with twinkies and oreos. The goal is to make everything as unhealthy as possible. When making burgers, substitute doughnuts for buns, a very popular dish. Frozen pizza is also very popular. Buy an extra bag of shredded cheese and add that to the frozen pizza. The trick is to cook the pizza half-way and then add the cheese. The secret to flavor is calories. I'm serious about that!


You're welcome.

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One of my favorites - bacon wrapped filet mignon with a baked potato with Cheddar, bacon and sour creme

or Baked macaroni and cheese with bacon

Good old BLTs


If you want just good old classic American

Meat Loaf --

all you need is some ground beef, onions, ketchup, and a loaf pan

mix ingredients and then bake

and if you want it extra special add some bacon

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I would probably pull his plug before I gave him a recipe.


If we do that then we should keep this thread around as another party thread :lol:

Except we fill it with recipes of our favorite foods.


I will contribute a recipe for home made rhubarb juice.

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Nothing more American then Burgers and Pizza....


Hamburger: Bun (bread), Meat (Ground Cow), Cheese, Mustard, Ketchup, pickles...


Pizza: base made from bread, Meat(Ground Cow, and Ground Pig), Cheese, tomato sauce... BTW the tomato sauce can be made from Ketchup, Mustard... Pickles optional on pizza




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