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New CC3200 Development Boards and Prototyping Options

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Just thought I would let you all know about a bunch of new ways you can work with Texas Instruments' CC3200 Single Chip Wi-Fi MCU.

Development Boards


RedBearLab CC3200 - Arduino compatible headers
WiFi Mini - Tiny form factor

Arduino Compatible: These boards look great for those who develop and use the Arduino platform as the RedBearLab CC3200 supports most Arduino compatible shields. 
BLE Support: Hardware compatible with the RedBearLab BLE Shield, BLE Nano and BLE Mini board.  Will include software libraries to control/interface.

Prototyping with CC3200 LaunchPad

Build prototypes super quick with Seeed Studios Groove components, includes all sorts of sensors, peripherals, devices including code.

Groove Starter Kit for the LaunchPad: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/Grove-Starter-Kit-for-LaunchPad-p-2178.html
Groove Base BoosterPack: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/Grove-Base-BoosterPack-p-2177.html?cPath=122_161

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With all due respect to TI, but looks like someone did something that should be done a long time ago - launchpad in Arduino form factor. Nice!

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