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Tiva C with Keil

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I want to use Tiva C with 430boosterpack.

I tried some sample example codes available in Energia. and its working good. Energia has built in libraries for 430Boosterpack and SPI.

But I am using Keil for my project programming.


Can i use these libraries with Keil?????


I tried to make project file in Keil with these libraries and copied .h and .c file in project folder. But there are some errors like "'Unknown identifier type 'class'".

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The language that you write Energia applications in is C++.  This is why the Keil C complier is complaining -- it doesn't know the 'class' keyword of C++.  If Keil has a C++ compiler, and you have some time to bring the Energia support libraries over to the Keil environment, then it could work...  just my two cents...


Maybe the booster pack vendor has some examples in plain C code?

Good luck!

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