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How to use interrupts in Energia?

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I want to use ADC and Timer interrupts in Energia. For this i have to modify ISR Table.

Energia has ISR table in Startup_gcc.c file.


So how to modify this file to access interrupts of ADC and Timers.


Or is there any Library to access Interrupts directly. 


Board:- TIVA C (TM4C123G)


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You will probably need to go below the level of Energia to use Timer Interrupts.

(Or find a timer library.  I was working on one, but haven't done much with it in a while.)


Look at the Tivaware/Stellarisware library documentation on timer interrupts (or ADC).


If you want an example that uses them in creating an Energia library, can look at this LED driver library I adapted to Tiva


  MAP_SysCtlPeripheralEnable( TIMER_SYSCTL );

  MAP_TimerConfigure( TIMER_BASE, TIMER_CFG );

  IntRegister( TIMER_INT, TmrHandler );

  MAP_IntEnable( TIMER_INT );

  MAP_TimerLoadSet( TIMER_BASE, TIMER_AB, rowtime );

  MAP_TimerEnable( TIMER_BASE, TIMER_AB );


void TmrHandler(void)

// MAP_ version of library call takes longer
//  HWREG(TIMER_BASE + TIMER_O_ICR) = TIMER_TIMEOUT;    // Inlining timer library code - just in ISR, where speed helpful


In my case timing was critical in the Timer ISR, so I wound up inlining the timer interrupt clear code (commented out above).

For most uses calling the TimerIntClear library would be better.


Using IntRegister means I do not have to modify Startup_gcc.c - which makes the library more portable/easier for others to use.

(It may also take a little more space, not sure on speed.)  

Since I was making a library for general use, the portability was much more important.  Of course your application may be different.


A neater way to handle this (best of both worlds) would be to use Weak default interrupt handlers in Startup_gcc.c

(as is done for the UARTIntHandlers in Energia's Startup_gcc.c)


Then you could substitute your own handler just by declaring it to have a certain name, and it would override the built in (weak) handler.

(If the built in Startup_gcc.c had such weak definitions, then further editing of Startup_gcc would not be necessary.)


If you want more examples of weak - I proposed a fix for some initialization issue in Energia using this feature over on 43oh.

Startup files for some other ARM processors libraries use weak (sorry I don't remember which ones, but I ran into them while working on the code for eLua.)

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