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Implementing lost signal using ENRF24

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Hi guys,


does someone know of a way to implement "lost signal" on the reciever side with Spirilis's ENRF24 library? 


I tried using rfSignalDetected() it seems to always evaluate to true. Because the while(!radio.available()) always just sits waiting until the data is ready I can't seem to think of a way to check if I stopped recieving data.


Something like:

void loop () {
  unsigned long lastRecvTime = 0;
  if(radio.read(&data, sizeof(MyData))){
    lastRecvTime = milis();
  unsigned long now = millis();
  if( now - lastRecvTime > 1000) {
    //signal lost

doesn't really work, because I jsut wait in the while loop and that means I dont do anything until data is ready.




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