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Noob question: enabling interrupts with TivaWare APIs?

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Total noob question; I'm more or less teaching myself embedded systems with a Tiva C Series Launchpad.  I'm using CCS v6 and the TivaWare Peripheral Driver Library (whatever the latest version is from TI).


Question on enabling interrupts on a GPIO pin: I see in the API documentation for GPIO that one can enable interrupts on a GPIO pin using the function GPIOIntEnable() which takes the parameters of the port and pin.  I also see in the NVIC section of the same doc the function IntEnable().  Do these functions essentially do the same thing?  Is it right to assume that the preferred method to enable interrupts on a GPIO pin is with GPIOIntEnable()?  What's the use case for the IntEnable() function?


Thanks for helping me with my edumacation!

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Fun fact:
If you do GPIOIntRegister (or other PeripheralIntRegister I belive) it also does

    // Enable the GPIO interrupt.

So it actually enables the interrupt

I always used GPIOIntRegister instead of default handlers and saw other codes using the IntEnable. But I never needed and didn't know why :P 
This is why
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