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goodbye TI!

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I didn't recognized that the TI store do not offers free shipping anymore. Ok, thats their decision.


shipping costs to Austria or the Czech Republic are 21 USD, Germany or UK "only" about 14 USD.


For anyone who doesn't know about europe: Austria and the czech Republik are neighboring countries to germany - only a few kilometers away, and ALL this countries are member of the EU. So wtf we should pay 7 USD more for shipping???


thats enough for me, NOT to buy ANY TI-products anymore.




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I spent some good time with TI kits too, learned lots of things and liked the way they promoted their tech to the hacker scene. Of course those shipping prices now are a bit on the higher side and certainly will be a show-stopper for lots of hackers and students here.

Nevertheless, there are other platforms, like the STM32, which are more affordable as kits and unlike Stellaris/Tiva, they are cheap and easy to source as parts, so it is possible to design a serious market product with them.

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There's pros and cos always.

I don't know how Cypress is. @@Oppa can you do a bit of sharing of your opinion/experience on it? :P On the C libraries and available series 

But I like the STM because it has a lot of series, F0, F1, F2, F3,F4, F7, L0, L1, from M0 to M7 including power saving ARMs-M.
Tiva i dunno. It seems for ARM-M there are better solutions but I find the Tiva easy to use and the information easy to understand (sometimes and comparing to others), maybe because it's the first MCU i really got into to. And it does have some cool features.

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