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HC06, Tiva C Launchpad, BlueTerm oddity

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EDIT: Original thread posted inappropriately in announcement forum. I can't see the option to delete that thread or move it, so I'm double-posting it here, and encouraging moderators to delete the original thread, and apologizing for my mistake.


Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting an HC06 properly interfaced to my Tiva C Launchpad. The tl;dr version is that Transmitting from the Tiva (seems to) work as desired, but receiving from my Android phone using BlueTerm causes issues.

I modified the qs-rgb example in TivaWare (Downloaded as of yesterday, but can't remember version number) to transmit via UART1, which I've connected to my HC06, instead of UART0.

See attachment 1.png, the seemingly random string that is being echoed back to me is the result of trying to send "help<enter>"


See the modified qs-rgb.c here:


http://pastebin.com/aAp9vVqm EDIT: Fitting the whole file into the post made it way too long, I think. So Pastebin'd. I can re-edit the code back in if desired.


Sending "z" or 0x7A is received by the UART as 0x00000170 before truncating it to a char-size 0x70.


For completeness sake, I've compiled a list of characters and how they are received in memory. I typed "zxcvbnm" into Blueterm and these are the values that were receieved by the UART:










If I've got my ASCII correct, this is what should have been received.











Anyone got any ideas what could be going wrong?


Some of my initial research indicates that there might be a bug in TivaWare regarding the setting up of some clocks? How might I go about correcting that?


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Please see this link: http://www.elecfreaks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bluetooth_Bee#Programming

It is stated that your device is/ has AT compatible protocol, so your commands should be prefixed by AT. The link has a test program written in Energia, you may try that.

As for your code, while you claim starting with qs-rgb, your file is uart-stdio, which may be unsuitable for your purpose. Depending on ypur real application, you must make new software functions to include these AT commands.


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