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Can somobody give an ideea how to rezolve this error ? I'm trying to use the pushbuttons to blink a led . Thx

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**** Build of configuration Debug for project TemaLaborator3 ****


"C:\\ti1\\ccsv6\\utils\\bin\\gmake" -k all 

'Building target: TemaLaborator3.out'

'Invoking: ARM Linker'

"C:/ti1/ccsv6/tools/compiler/arm_5.1.5/bin/armcl" -mv7M4 --code_state=16 --float_support=FPv4SPD16 --abi=eabi -me -g --display_error_number --diag_warning=225 --diag_wrap=off -z -m"TemaLaborator3.map" --heap_size=0 --stack_size=512 -i"C:/ti1/ccsv6/tools/compiler/arm_5.1.5/lib" -i"C:/ti1/ccsv6/tools/compiler/arm_5.1.5/include" --reread_libs --warn_sections --display_error_number --diag_wrap=off --xml_link_info="TemaLaborator3_linkInfo.xml" --rom_model -o "TemaLaborator3.out"  "./touch.obj" "./tm4c123gh6pm_startup_ccs.obj" "./main.obj" "./buttons.obj" "C:/ti/TivaWare_C_Series-1.1/driverlib/ccs/Debug/driverlib.lib" "../tm4c123gh6pm.cmd" -l"libc.a" -l"C:\StellarisWare\driverlib\ccs-cm4f\Debug\driverlib-cm4f.lib" 



 undefined                  first referenced


>> Compilation failure

  symbol                        in file     

 ---------                  ----------------

 ROM_GPIODirModeSet         ./buttons.obj   

 ROM_GPIOPadConfigSet       ./buttons.obj   

 ROM_GPIOPinRead            ./buttons.obj   

 ROM_SysCtlPeripheralEnable ./buttons.obj   


error #10234-D: unresolved symbols remain

error #10010: errors encountered during linking; "TemaLaborator3.out" not built

gmake: *** [TemaLaborator3.out] Error 1

gmake: Target `all' not remade because of errors.


**** Build Finished ****


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