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Code: iOS Starter App To Control CC3200 LaunchPad LEDs

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Hi Everyone,

I have put together an example iOS App that controls the CC3200 LaunchPad's LEDs using UDP packets.


  • Control the CC3200 LaunchPad's Red or Orange LED by pressing ON or OFF within the App
  • Press a button to open a browser which loads the CC3200 LaunchPad's internal web server configuration pages
  • Press a button to open the Github repository

Code Access

The code is stored on my Github account here - https://github.com/remixed123

There are two repositories you will need:-

  • startproject_ios - this is the repository with the Objective C code ready to work with Xcode and an iOS device or the emulator
  • startproject_cc3200_ti-rtos - this is the repository with the C code ready to work with Code Composure Studio and the CC3200LaunchPad (This is also great starter code for any project that is using Ti-RTOS)

iOS App

And here is what the app looks like.....nice and simple.



Please let me know if you find any bugs, and also feel free to push any updates to the respective repositories.


Code Examples:

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