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CCSv4 assembly inside C, help?

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Greetings Gentlemen,


I'm trying to access a C array from inline assembly. The array resides at 0200..0207h but when I attempt to copy the array address into the R9 register, it ends up with a 0201h value. What am I doin' wrong, please?


TIA, Mike


    unsigned char bam[] = { 1,2,3,4,        // special bam array
                           5,6,7,8 };      //

     while(1)                              //
       __asm(" push    R9           ");    // preserve R9     (3 cycles)
       __asm(" mov.w   &bam, R9     ");    // R9 = &bam[0]    (3 cycles)
       __asm(" mov.b   @R9+, &P1OUT ");    // P1OUT = @R9     (5 cycles)

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