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can not debug

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HHi everyone,

I have made a board with MCU TM4CGH6MPI (TI's sample), with 16 Mhz crystal SMD.

I have connected Jtag of TIva LaunchPad and board as below:









The next time, I debugged code but It do not allow, and notify some thing 'Error connecting to the target', 'Error connecting to the target out of freqency'.

Can I solve my problem? I have spend a large amount of money for this board, please help me!

Thanks everyone!

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First of all, your JTAG pins must have a pull-up resistors mounted on-board.

Second, if you use your Lauchpad board as debug-out ( to debug another board) then you must disable your LP target micro ( the test/target micro from LP board, the debug one should be active). You can do that by short-circuit of reset capacitor on LP board.


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Thanks @@Lyon for your recommend, in my case, Board have worked, I can toggle two LEDs on pin PB0 and PB1, But when I config for pin PC4, it can not control, I also to test PC5 (close to PC4), it work perfectly.

Please give me a explanation, my TM4CGH6PM was shipped from Ti's sample (free). I was doubted about this sample, can I trust in all TI's sample ?

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For the moment you can trust the samples. Try to test/check other pins also, try an UART or SPI.

Since it is your board, check/ double check your board for shorts with other pins/traces - sometimes it may happen to have small, near invisible shorts...

Worth to try also a second board if you have.


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