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Two LCD displays on Tiva

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Has anyone successfully connected two TFT LCD displays to Tiva-C Launchpad? How much work would be to modify the graphics libraries to do so? Would two different LCD models be easier to do?


I am aware that parallel connection is probably not possible due to lack of pins.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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What kind of LCDs are you interested in?  Character mode LCDs - like those using the HD44780 and similar controllers should be no particular problem to do two at once.  (Actually some of the larger character mode LCDs behave like 2 separate displays, with two enable lines, you enable one line to write to certain rows of the display, and the other for writing to the other rows).




There are examples/libraries for controlling these LCDs on Stellarisiti.  May require a little modification to deal with multiple enable lines.


I don't know as much about graphic LCDs.

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