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Problem with automated URL markup

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The bulletin board software has problems converting text into URL links in some cases.
Specifically, it will generate a URL link with a trailing space in it if you type in a URL followed by a space and a newline.
For instance
(Note how this link has a space at the end - it was typed as just a URL, which just happens to have a space after it, the software added the linking part, and did it wrong.  Whether the resulting URL works seems to depend on the web server or something.  This one does, but trying to link to a page at TI with a trailing space does not.)



The following post in the above thread 
has a link, which was typed correctly, but which the bulletin board software converted into an invalid link by including the space after the URL as part of the URL.  (This one works because there was not a space after the URL.)
If you put the URL http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/2191-measuring-pulse-width/ in the middle of a line it correctly does not take the following space as part of the URL.
Are spaces ever valid parts of a URL?  The software should be smart enough to filter out things that aren't valid.

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