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Hi Folks,

I recently designed a Booster Pack that I intended to use as a recording pH meter.  The idea was that it would have a couple of British telecom analog (BTA) connectors that you could use to plug in a pH probe from Vernier instruments.  The problem is that I assumed that the pH probe was comprised of a pair of passive electrodes, when in fact it has an amplifier built in and requires power and ground connections in addition to an output.  This means that it cant be used as a pH meter (at least not with the Vernier probe), but you can use it for data logging.  Of course there are limitations on the voltages you can measure (zero to vcc) and time scale resolution (limited to > 5 ms or so by serial communications over the USB), but I suspect there are applications where this would still be useful. 

The project is described on a couple of web pages and the source code has been posted to GitHub.  This write-up describes what I have done and has links to the Eagle files, Energia code, and Processing code for the GUI.  It also has a screenshot of the GUI so you can kind of see what is going on.  The board design has been shared on the OSH Park web site, so you can just order a set of boards from them if you so desire.


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