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2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD Booster Pack (with and without touch panel)

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New LCD BoosterPacks are here. Both are 2.4" 320x240, one with touch panel, one without.

Both feature the same pinout as their "little" 2.2" brother, same configuration options and SD socket.

Can be used with my graphics library without any changes! 


V2 schematic (note that BL MOSFET is optional) - 2.4 LCD BP v2.pdf

V3 schematic - 2.4 LCD BP v3.pdf



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Sorry admin if my post is not related this topic but i need some help


hi robG,
Can lcd nokia 6300 work with your "Color LCD graphics library" on tiva ?
//@bluehash : I can't pm him @@ but now ,i know how to use his library ,so would you mind delete this post, please

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