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question about board layout

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Hello and welcome!


The MSP430 devices are programmed in either C or MSP430 ASM. Either is relatively easy to pick up, but being a computer science guy, I am able to wrap my head around the C code easier.


The test points you have circled break out various lines of communication from the TUSB3410 chip that the device uses to communicate with the USB interface. Of particular interest are the TP1 and TP3 lines, which are 5V and GND, respectively. I utilized these test points in interfacing a PIR sensor to the LaunchPad (the process is outlined in my blog here: http://blog.suspended-chord.info/?c=11)


And the header J4 that you have outlined in cyan is a programming header breakout, allowing the emulation part of the LaunchPad to program other target boards that support the SBW interface, once populated with a 0.05" right angle header. Examples include the F2012 target boards, which TI sells a set of 3 for $10.


I hope this helps, and again, welcome to the community! :)

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super sweet news about the f2012! I had just sent off for the free EZ last week due to some helpful hints on another part of this board. That'll make using one board way easier. I've been stalking the blogs and posts on 43oh for the past couple days for the answer but didn't really find it until now. thanks again!

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Hey wolfy,


I did a blog post a while ago about the schematic, it might not go in depth as much as you would like, but it has decent breakdown of the schematics. Hope that helps.


http://www.msp430launchpad.com/2010/07/ ... ation.html


To allude a bit more on what gatesphere said, all processors use ASM on the lowest level. Each processor family has it's own version of ASM. For example, the PIC, AVR, and MSP430 all use different ASM instruction set. C code gets converted to ASM before it is sent to the MSP430; the use of C makes uC easier to write code for, and easier to migrate code between different instruction sets.


Hope that was not too in depth. If you have any other questions, ask away.



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