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want to program multiple tiva launchpads through usb hub

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on the command line you can run the lm4flash by hand and pick a specific lm4f board. On linux it is something like this:


1.) find the serial numbers of the launchpads

2.) build your energia project to get a bin file

3.) provide the launchpad serial number to the lmf4flash utility with the -s option


1.) To find the serial numbers on linux use:

# lsusb -d 1cbe:00fd -v | grep  iSerial
  iSerial                 3 0E1011CF
* I only had one stellaris launchpd device plugged in. Note: the tiva lp vid/pid might be the same or different
2.) Go to the /tmp/buildxxx directory and find the bin file
$ cd /tmp/buildxxsomethingxx.tmp
3.) Invoke the lm4flash with a serial number
$ lm4flash -s 0E1011CF BlinkWithoutDelay.cpp.bin 
Found ICDI device with serial: 0E1011CF
ICDI version: 9270
You can do something similar on window but I don't have that setup.
Note: all the commands assume you have udev already working and you put the energia tools in your path.
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