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Reset Tiva C by sorfware

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The code vault is to post working codes, not to ask questions, please refer to the general forum for that.


if you check the datasheet you can see all the reset sources, i image you are using the tm4c123 launchpad: Reset Sources
The TM4C123GH6PM microcontroller has six sources of reset:
1. Power-on reset (POR) (see page 214).
2. External reset input pin (RST) assertion (see page 215).
3. A brown-out detection that can be caused by any of the following events: (see page 216).
■ V DD under BOR0. The trigger value is the highest VDD voltage level for BOR0.
■ VDD under BOR1. The trigger value is the highest VDD voltage level for BOR1.
4. Software-initiated reset (with the software reset registers) (see page 217).
5. A watchdog timer reset condition violation (see page 217).
6. MOSC failure (see page 218).


If you use TivaWare you can do SysCtlReset(void);, For a reset with only using registers please check page 217 of the datasheet

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