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eeprom interface

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Are you talking the internal EEPROM, or using an external one?


If Internal:

Be sure to read the errata, your code should check which version of the chip it is running on, since some versions have a bug where using the internal EEPROM will brick the chip.


You didn't mention what programming language/environment you are using.


If you are using Energia, there is a library for accessing onboard EEPROM.  (Which unfortunately does not do the appropriate check for chip version).

If you are using Tivaware/Stellarisware - there are library calls to access the eeprom (driverlib/eeprom.h, eeprom.c)



If not using either - look at the source code for the above libraries to learn how to program the EEPROM.

(If using eLua - I have an EEPROM library on the back burner someplace ;-)



If you are using an external EEPROM - there are some Energia libraries for some types I believe.

But need to specify what interface,  (SPI, ...), chip, data sheet, etc.


General thoughts:



For future reference, this particular forum is more for posting code, your question is more likely to be seen in the general forum (as the listing says "Beginners, feel free to ask your questions here." )

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