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I am confused about the compatibility of BoosterPacks. According to the TM4C123 pub spmu296.pdf:

* The TM4C123 is compatible with the "TIVA C Series LaunchPad BoosterPack XL"

* The outer column of pins are also compatible with MSP430 "LaunchPad-Compatible BoosterPacks"


In the TM4C129 pub spmu365a.pdf it describes the first and second BoosterPack XL. "‘A’

and ‘D’ make up the outer BoosterPack standard pins, ‘B’ and ‘C’ make up the inner BoosterPack XL standard pins."


On examining the pinouts between the 123 and 1294 for these 2x10 pins, none of the pin functions match. How do I identify which boards a BoosterPack will be compatible with? Some BP descriptions say " for the MSP430." Most do not mention compatibility.

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A good place to start is looking at the Energia pin diagrams http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_tm4c123launchpad/ (and similar).


Could also look at the drivers (if there is a driver for a given launchpad, then it is likely to be compatible).

Looking at the source for the drivers is also likely to give information about the pins used by the boosterpack (if you can't get it another way).


Someplace I recall seeing reference to some sort of a boosterpack specification, although I believe that has evolved so may not be totally relied upon - maybe sort of like a Platonic ideal of what boosterpacks should shoot for, rather than what one will really encounter.


These might be apropos: www.ti.com/byob

BoosterPack Development Guide - spmu288.pdf


(Actually I thought the 123 and 129 were fairly compatible, at least compared to going from an MSP430 to a Stellaris.  

The CC3200 is a real xxxx particularly challenging).


If you can't get information from the board's maker, and none of these other sources of information pan out, I guess you could ask here to see if anybody has got the particular board to work on a given launchpad.

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