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Tutorials+Codes in TivaWare

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Hi guys!


So i made a blog. Since i am the only in the robotics club that uses TI devices i was asked to teach about the Tiva. Well, what i can at least. And I'll post in the blog all the codes and tutorials.


It's still very early under-construction and will be something i will be doing along the school year. I am teaching it to some colleagues and will before the sessions, post the tutorials and some codes, but also post more codes after as examples. I will post basic info about the peripherals.


I hope it helps anyone that needs it. Also any feedback is appreciated, teaching someone live is different and i can forget some details while writing. Also i never done something like this, i usually do give lots of explanations but always live and more exercise driven.




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Well the tutorials keep going, almost finishing the Timers, only missing the capture.

The next section the UART is already in the making but it will be mostly filled with code examples, not really in depth explanations there.



Finally after allot of bureaucracy we have the boards! (including my stellaris and tm4c1294 tiva)



Let's see if now we avoid having all stuffed over 1 computer like this or having to keep sharing 1 Stellaris (it wasn't even a Tiva)


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Glad you liked it  :D 

Well, i'll continue to do some tutorials, but it's every other week. I don't have time to write allot, you can see from the DMA that i wrote allot of explanations, not just copy the info from the datasheet, this takes a long time. I only write a new tutorial when i need to introduce some friends to a new peripheral in a class that happens every week. The codes appear as i make new projects and sometimes simply random


And there is of course allot of things that i still never tried doing with the tiva.

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i would like to know.

Do more users consult this website? Do you find it useful? Right now i got my hands a bit tied so i haven't added much but if someone has some suggestions or requests, i might be able to do them later 

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