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Hi from the Philippines

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   I also want to use Energia. I already have a Temboo account and currently downloading Energia. Many months ago there was still no support for Tiva Connected Launchpad so I was not eager to learn about Energia. 


   But my set priority now is learning how to make Iphone apps for CC3200 Launchpad. I will learn more about Energia+Temboo afterwards.


- Markel

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When i still didn't know almost anything besides timers and GPIO i controlated a TLC5940 with just that. Basicaly emulating a SPI. That of course couldn't get to high speeds like 30Mhz. Had it at  arround 200Khz due to the interrupt being "too slow". Went check out all the TivaWare calls and changed them to registers, got up to 400Khz (1.5uS to 8uS interrupt, all that + the interrupt push/pop time)

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