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TM4C129 Does support SPI.h with 2 SlaveSelect pins?

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Looking thru the lm4f library's SPI.h it appears that while I can instantiate 3 SPI objects (SSI1, SSI2, and SSI3), on 3 sets of pins, I cannot use any slaveSelect pin other than the default slaveSelect pin.


I would like to control 2 devices by using the default SS pin and a second SS2 pin. Some other boards' SPI libraries leave the SS pin control to the user, making this simple. Any suggestions?



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Chip select pins (SSIFSS) cannot be borrowed functionally from one module to another, if you mean that. You may use those pins (or any others) as GPIO output pins and manage them manually for any module.

In your case, with only two slaves to drive, two separate GPIO output pins can be used ( or two separate modules if the protocol is not the same)


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