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CC3200 with RobG 2.2" Touch LCD

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I am using the LCD library and modified it heavily to change the pin numbers to match the SPI output on the CC3200, use SPI1, and included the hardware in the conditional statements in each of the .c and .h files.  I am trying to run the basic .ino that comes with the library.


I am seeing the serial output updating and finishing the program, but the screen just stays bright white.  I also wired using jumper wires as one of the pins moved for SPI.


Anyone have any ideas as to where to start.  I haven't included the code as it is so many files.


I have tried the nightly build as well as the download from Energia.nu.



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The communication is UART, and I can see the Serial.Print statements as the sketch runs.


What I meant by SPI1 was this:

I set the port numbers to the following:
    _pinScreenChipSelect = 18; //2;
    _pinSerialClock      = 7;
    _pinSerialDataMOSI   = 15;
    _pinSerialDataMISO   = 14;
    _pinDataCommand      = 6;
    _pinTouchChipSelect  = (version==1) ? 9 : 10;
    _pinReset            = 11;
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Hi There, 


I got a ili9341 display working with the CC3200 ... 




Non the less, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way CC3200 SPi librery is handling SPI.


If some awesome Advanced Member would implement DMA and FIFO into the SPI library i think we could all utilize the raw communication capabilities in the ARM M4.



Check this:




I must admit. This is out of my league.

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If I comment out all the sprintf commands, the sketch will compile and it is ~87k.  If I include just one sprintf command, it won't compile and says it is 23000 bytes over the limit.  I am just looking to change a float with one decimal place and wrote a small function that does it one digit at a time.

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