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TI Stellaris Example Code / Project with high complexity

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Hello everybody,


as part of a research project I am looking for an example code or project for the TI Stellaris plattform, which has rather high complexity.

In particular, it should have a rather big code size, preferably a lot of functions and/or should process advanced algorithms.


I know it is a rather abstract question, however, looking at the sample code of StellarisWare and the code I can find online, most of the codes are way to minimalistic to use it as part of my project.


Thanks in advance!

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You might look at eLua to see if it meets any of your requirements.

See: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/topic/552-elua-for-stellaris-launchpad/?hl=elua

It does not have any particularly advanced algorithms that I can think of, but it has a lot of functions (if you mean that in the sense of a large number of procedures).


Note that this is a language interpreter for microcontrollers in general, Stellaris/Tiva is just one of several platforms that it has been ported to.


Don't know if that is at all the sort of thing you are looking for - but it is the largest program I am familiar with running on Stellaris/Tiva.

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