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 post-2429-14264605466258_thumb.jpg We have been working to develop a low cost, three-electrode potentiostat for use in science education and environmental monitoring.  This is a computer driven instrument that is appropriate for teaching at the university (undergraduate) or perhaps high school or home school level.  It can be used to teach physical chemistry concepts and can be used to quantify things like metals in water.  At this page, we describe using the instrument to measure lead in water at concentrations as low as 44 ppb. 

The instrument (called the WheeStat) is comprised of a Stellaris / Tiva LaunchPad, a booster pack, Energia software, a user interface (written in Processing), and a set of electrodes.  All hardware and software is open source.  Descriptions can be found as research notes at PublicLab.org.  We are in the process of getting a kit put together that will have all the hardware and software needed (including the LaunchPad and a set of cheap electrodes) that will retail for $100.  The kit is described here.  Of course, you could build your own using our descriptions, but buying retail will allow us to continue developing other science ed hardware / software (see our web page).

post-2429-14264605466484_thumb.jpgYou should soon be able to purchase a kit from here.  A user's manual is available here (the online users manual includes a couple of videos that demonstrate the user interface).  The Energia and GUI software are available from here.  A description of setting up the instrument is here.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,


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