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Can't manage to start a new project in keil (win 8.1, Launchpad)

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I just can't manage to start a new project in Keil. I took and completed the edx course offered by valvano, however I realized that we were never taught how to program completely from scratch.  Even though I managed to create a 5 key piano toy, I am not able to start a simple empty while loop project in keil. 


These are the steps that I undertake after watching various tutorials and such.


Open Keil.  -->project-->new project (name project, select tm4c123gh6pm, copy startup files to project).  I now have a project that looks like,



...\source group



Now I right click on target 1, add a new group.  I name this group main.  Okay, now I right click on source group, and click add existing file.  I navigate to ARM/startup/ti/tm4c123g/system_TM4C123 and i copy this file to my project.


I now create my main.c file in the main group.


project directory looks like this now,


....\source group






I go ahead and define my main function as,

int main(void){ while(1){}}


I try to compile...and i get *** error 65: access violation at 0x400FE070 : no 'write' permission in the command window.  


Can someone give me a definitive method on starting a new project.  I feel pretty dumb right now.  Thanks.


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I've found that if I don't include -dLaunchPadDLL in the Dialog dll box located in the debug tab of target options, the debugger acts strangely and in some cases does not work.  With the inclusion of -dLaunchPadDLL, there seems to be no problem.


I don't understand why it's working now so for now I'll take it as is.

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