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Getting current ulPeriod

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I developed working code for TIMER0 interrupt on my TM4C129. But I would like to also get the current period. I assumed TimerLoadGet would return this but I get zero. I've tried all three of these functions with ROM_ and without. The peripherals manual doesn't help with info like "Returns the load value for the timer" 


   returns 0 for             uint32_t TimerLoadGet(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_TIMA_TIMEOUT)
   returns 0 for             uint32_t TimerValueGet(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_TIMA_TIMEOUT)
   returns 65535 for     uint32_t ROM_TimerMatchGet(TIMER0_BASE, TIMER_TIMA_TIMEOUT)
Can anyone direct me to a better explanation of these three? How can I get the Period?
P.S. I new to the Launchpad coming from Arduinos. These forums could use more sample code.
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Not apropos of your question, but if you haven't already looked at it, be sure to take a look at Energia, it is a port of Wiring/Arduino environment for the Tiva launchpads.


Aside from looking in the driverlib manual (SW-TM4C-DRL-UG-, and in the TM4C129 datasheet, the source code for driverlib is also a useful resource.

Looking in timer.c, I note that the second argument to TimerLoadGet is supposed to be either TIMER_A or TIMER_B, so since you are feeding it some other argument

that may be why not getting expected output.  (Actually it looks like if you give it any value except for TIMER_A as the second argument, then it reads TIMER_B ).

Likewise for TimerValueGet and TimerMatchGet


Looking at the source code for Energia can be helpful source of some examples using some of the peripherals.

Personally, I also use the source code for eLua as a source for examples (I ported eLua to the Tiva launchpad, so I have it conveniently available,

would not necessarily suggest it as a general resource.)

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