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ADC chip interfacing to pc

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Interface direcly? like conect directly to the CPU? nope


You can conect it to a USB port and get values, that you can. The launchpads read the ADC values withe the MCU wich sends the data over Serial and a IC converts it from serial to usb. You can also directly send it over USB with Tiva since they have the peripheral for USB 2.0

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Depends what kind of a "PC" you have, and what you mean by directly.

If you have one with an ISA bus you can get pretty close to a direct connection.

(Of course a Tiva launchpad may be more powerful than PCs of that vintage - we are talking the original IBM PC.)


But for the most part you have to go through some kind of interface.

So the question is, what kind of interface do you want to use?


If going wireless you are going to need some kind of interface for the wireless on the PC side (unless you mean that the ADC is sampling RF signals).

Also, if going with serial wireless probably not going to be very fast.


If memory serves Zigbee wireless modules have some I/O capability - don't remember if it is just digital, or if have ADC as well.

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