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Any links for CCS tutorials?

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So i want to give a shot at using other compilers besides energia since it's a bit limited.


So i tried CCS but because of the includes i have yet to get a working code. I never get the includes and options right. Is there any tutorials?


There's also other, since keil is now own by ARM is it maybe better to use it with Tiva? I tried a course by Edx and i found it easier to use

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The main problem(s) with any tools are the path managing - and this depends also on operating system - so first knowledge should come from there.

As many users have problems with that, TI has this page showing the CCS specific, here:


Some particular settings will remain - for Tiva is better to import a good working program, like any qs_xxxx applications, and knowing where to look from previous link, inspect the program settings and write down specifics for further use.


Also there are some tutorials - may be found on Tiva forum, searching a little bit.


As for other compiler, I use this one: https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded with Eclipse. This is made by volunteers from Keil, and there are a number of good things (nano-lib). If you decide for try of this, add also this: http://gnuarmeclipse.livius.net/blog/plugins-install/ - this one make the Eclipse in a full IDE, just need to add also OpenOCD. (works on Linux and OSX)


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