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advices on buying a logic analizer?

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So since i'm having problems with controling a TLC5940 i would like to analize all the outputs (4 or more) so our 2 chanel osciloscope doesn't cut it. Also it would be much better to have a logic analizer conected to the computer since i could save the data and also take prints wich would be great when asking for help on the forums (alot of the times it's asked the signal prints).


So since in the club there isn't any logic analizers and i don't know if it's possible to get one from the department, wich one would you guys advice?

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I love my Saleae Logic (the old 8 channel model). Served me well in my MSP430 projects. I think I'd still buy the old model as the analog channels is not much use to me.


Before that I used the OpenBench logic sniffer from Dangerous Prototypes. Works well too, but I prefer the software of the Saleae, as well as its slick form factor and the pouch to stow it.

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Seems a great tool. We actualy found out that our osciloscope works as a logic analizer and it's pretty good one. Still i would like a small Logic since it's a easier tool and probably more newbiew friendly, the new members get a bit scared of using a 8k euros osciloscope.


I might get one of those logics for myself if i can get the money for it. Even the smaller one is a bit expensive for me (dam university tuitions), i saw that a store near me sells a scanlogic 2 for just  63€. As much i would want a saleae logic, it's probably impossible for me. What you think of scanlogic 2?

Or maybe if i want sometigh cheap i should get sometigh like:



And then actualy save up for a good one?

It's not compatible with saleae anymore

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