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PC based Digital Oscilloscope design

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I want to design PC based oscilloscope using tiva c launchpad .I am planning to use LabVIEW for GUI because i know how to use it...


But thing is that i want to do something new innovative in oscillscope like put oscilloscope in sleep mode automatically and if any user want to analyze waveform oscilloscope wake up automatically once user connect its signal to oscilloscope ...How this is possible???


I want to make this oscilloscope based on web .So from anywhere in world we can acess it.


Still if you have better innovative idea you can suggest me...


I shall be thank full to you. 



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I assume you have looked at a bunch of the existing oscilloscope applications out there.

(e.g. using sound cards, using other microcontrollers, etc.)


Usual limitations include bandwidth (how fast you can send data to PC), storage space (how many samples can store).

Of course if you want to run it over the web you are probably not worried about high speed updates anyway.

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I guess I would start by considering probe design.  i.e. how could I make probes that sensed when they are attached to a circuit.

(If the probes have a clip - arrange it so sense clip activation - e.g. sense squeezing an alligator clip, etc.)


Now of course that isn't going to help much with banana plugs.

And would have to make sure that your sensing system didn't interfere with the signal.


(I haven't used an oscilloscope a lot, but I never considered having to turn it on much of a problem.  

Certainly not compared to trying to chase down grounding loop or shielding problems.  )

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