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No, i haven't formatted the flash yet, in the Uniflash Guide is a warning: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC31xx_%26_CC32xx_UniFlash#Format




Note: since service pack flashing is not supported in this version, formmating the serial flash should be avoided (formatting results in using the default ROM version).
However, if the serial flash is erased for any reason, the only way to recover is to use a different utility called Flasher. Please contact us on http://e2e.ti.com/
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Good news everyone, its working again ;)


After running the 'getting_started_with_ap' example from the cc3200 SDK i was able to put the device into smartconfig mode and connected it to my router, i had to use the iOS App because the Java Webbrowser code that Ti supplied wasnt working.

But the problem with flashing still existed, so after wasting another few hours i came to the conclusion to format the flash using the Uniflash Tool, despite the fact that the Uniflash manual does not recommend it. But hey, the Launchpad wasnt flashing correctly, i had nothing to lose :)


After formatting it to 1MB flash, NO checkmark at security or alert option, i was able to flash the OOB Demo successfully without error.


Why is the TI stuff (CCS, Uniflash) always so complicated?


I can't wait for Energia supporting this Launchpad, i love  :wub: Energia for being so uncomplicated, because im still a beginner :rolleyes:  to embedded stuff :)

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Does anyone know if there is a "usual" length of time between TI releasing a new Launchpad with bargain prices and when they increase the price? My first Launchpads cost $4.30. Those are now $10.00 US.

I think the MSP430G2 launchpad is a slight one-off example, as it was the very first LaunchPad and I'm guessing TI had to "test the viability" of the concept before expanding on it.  Then I assume in the midst of expanding the ecosystem they decided not to take a bath on the price so they jacked it up (there's an explanation over on 43oh from way back by LariSan on the politics of why).


The Wolverine LaunchPad recently got its price jacked up, which coincided with introducing EnergyTrace++ to the launchpad, so I assume TI decided the extra feature was worth asking more money.  The Stellaris LaunchPad came out for $5 before the price (then Tiva-C LaunchPad) jacked up to $12.99, and that was a prerelease/preview/preorder type of discount.  The C2000 LaunchPad hasn't changed in price since its introduction, and the newer "InstaSPIN-FOC" enabled version costs the same (oddly, the non-InstaSPIN-FOC edition is priced $0.05 higher at the TI estore).  Hercules LaunchPads both haven't changed in price.  MSP430F5529 LaunchPad hasn't changed either.


So ... It's hard to say.

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