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Two of each arrived from Mouser Germany, they charged €3.20 per stick. 41xx runs at 24 MHz and 42xx at 48 MHz max. Needed to provide a LOT of personal information for registration at Cypress. Registration is needed to get to download the PSoC Creator IDE.


A nice set of video tutorials enabled me to get the thing to blink in about an hour. Blinky in hardware :) No code involved, just drag'n'drop the hardware components to the project, alter the settings, wire up and assign pins. 


The snap-off part is just an USB-Serial brigde. Windows 7 found the needed drivers on its own. The sticks come with a bootloader preloaded for programming, no debugging. A JTAG adapter for these is about $100.


StellaLP for size comparison.




Forget the Bootloadable and you have a nice $4 paper weight or buy a JTAG adapter !


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