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Stellaris Launchpad Powering

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First, I want to ask my question: can I power my launchpad from usb for using the pwm signal to control a mosfet, while my circuit is powered from a bigger dc source? And I need to connect the grounds together, is this ok?

The other method would be with a regulator like lmxxxx, but I want to send data to pc via usb too, and I don't know how would be when connected to both battery and usb.


Secondly, I saw that when connected to battery, it works on both device and debug modes, while on usb only it works only one modes, depending where is the usb connected. Is it ok to program via usb while powered from battery? Program via debug only or device? What are device and debug modes for?



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Don't rush to connect both Launchpad and battery circuit(s) just now - try to learn/play with launchpad until you make a pwm working and then you may connect the circuits with the battery. At the moment of connection use only a ground wire - leave the Launchpad powered from USB and the rest of the circuits from the battery. When all will be ready, you will need to make some circuits with Lmxxxx to power the whole as independent product.


The Launchpad has two possible USB connection: one is for DEBUG, which has also a USB serial interface and may be used to send data to a PC and a second one which may be used as independent USB connection. Use the on-board jumper connection in position "ICDI" to have the debugger + USB serial interfaces.



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