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Floating CCS License

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I was looking for a way to convert my node locked CCS license into a floating license when I stumbled across a really good idea.


This article on e2e suggests a novel way of using a node locked license as a pseudo-floating license using a USB WLAN stick.


The node lock uses the PC's ethernet MAC address. If you use a USB WLAN stick then you can move that stick from PC to Laptop without any licensing issues. Cool!


Time to go and get a USB WLAN stick.


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I got an ASUS USB-N13 Wireless-N adapter for $30 and installed in my new host.


Then I went over to the TI myRegistered Software page and managed my license so that the primary MAC address was the new USB wireless adapter's.


I can now confirm that this method works.


This is an very inexpensive floating license.

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I'd have guessed that the kind of place you need to tell IT about a changed MAC address is the kind of place where plugging in a wifi adapter is closely followed by a long and utterly inconvenient talk with SecOps. At least that's how we do it :D.


On the more constructive side, plugging in the wifi adapter doesn't mean it has to actually be used, does it (from CCS' license checking perspective, that is)? If not, there's the simple answer. You can also promise IT to unsolder the radio, they might recall the black helicopters :).

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No, the MAC address just has to be present on the machine.


Instead of butchering the radio, you could also disable the radio in the hardware properties.


It's an option for this ASUS N13 unit.

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Or have a friend write you a skeleton NDIS driver. It need not do anything except for having a settable MAC address (so it could unconditionally lie not having a link, for example). Publish it on the Internet for everyone to mirror. Spend the $30 on reward beer for the friend. I'm guessing for someone familiar with Windows driver writing it would be like good pastime for a slow saturday afternoon.


That is hard to lose :). And, thinking about it, it's actually not even a bad idea...


Anyone with such a friend up his sleeve? :)

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