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Information to Provide When Asking for Help

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When you post a question asking for help, please provide minimal information about your configuration, both hardware and software, including:

  • model of LaunchPad used and revision number
  • model of the MCU used
  • model of BoosterPack used or model of the sensor or actuator or screen
  • optionally, links to the sensor or actuator or screen data sheet
  • name and version of the IDE used 
  • OS the IDE is running on
  • whenever possible, minimal code to replicate the issue
  • optionally, all kinds of measures that may be useful, like logic analyser trace, oscilloscope screen-shots, ...

  • LaunchPad MSP430G2 revision 1.5 —as there's a LaunchPad MSP430G2 revision 1.4 and a LaunchPad MSP430F5529
  • MSP430G2553 —as there're also the MSP430G2452 and the MSP430G2231 for the same LaunchPad MSP430G2
  • Anaren CC110L BoosterPack 
  • Energia 11 —or Energia 11 framework on Xcode or on CCS 6
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit —or the specific Linux distribution or Mac OS X 10.9.1
The links saves time and provides the reader with direct access to the documentation.


The first test to perform to qualify an issue is to replicate it. So adding code allows the reader to test it and check if the issue is replicated. When an issue is replicated, this is great news! It means you're not alone to face that specific problem.


Providing those details makes the question easier to understand, and improves its probability to be answered and solved!


Thank you.


This is a cross-post with the 43oh forum.

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