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Errors while building the Internet of Things project on Tiva C

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I recently got a tm4c1294xl launchpad. The out of the box demo with the exosite is working great. However I want to edit that project to do more than what it can already do.


So I downloaded Code Composer v6 and tiva ware and tried to build the qs-iot project but I am getting bunch of "cannot open source file" errors.


For example.


#1965 cannot open source file "exosite.h" commands.c /qs_iot line 33 C/C++ Problem
#1965 cannot open source file "exosite.h" requests.c /qs_iot line 30 C/C++ Problem
#1965 cannot open source file "lwip/opt.h" .ccsproject /qs_iot line 44, external location: C:\ti\tiva-c-master\utils\lwiplib.h C/C++ Problem
I am not sure why this is happening, I imported the drivers and the usb libraries as well.
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I think is a problem of paths. But to solve it, you must first import a good working project, made by TI - go to Project | Import CCS projects.. and just import one, even qs_iot - and then do several things:

- compile it and be sure you do not get any errors (just tested that on my version 6.0 and compiles OK).

- open Project | Properties and look to all settings - learn, note down and keep this project for further reference.

- On the left side of the IDE, in Project Explorer, expand all folders one by one and look for files which have a small arrow to NW near the file's icon - these are symbolic links - then go to Project | Properties | Resources | Linked Resources - you must see there the paths for all that files.

Now you are ready to start a new project from scratch - you must configure your project in a similar way.

These things are like this because of Eclipse+Windows - which have some problems with the paths.



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