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[Energia Library] StellarPad UIPEthernet (enc28j60) library

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Another one, good library for enc28j60, created by ntruchsess -> github project site

This library is very similar in usage to existing Ethernet library in new TM4C129,

most examples from Ethernet library working with this lib after little modification header files inside sketch,

simple add #include "SPI.h" and replace #include "Ethernet.h" to #include "UIPEthernet.h"


NEW version available on my github:


download zip, extract to energia libraries folder and rename to UIPEthernet

in this version default CS pin is defined as launchpad pin 10 (definition ENC28J60_CONTROL_CS in file: UIPEthernet\utility\Enc28J60Network.h)

works with tiva, msp5529 and maybe more...depends of the launchpad flash size



OLD versions:

SPI CS pin definition in file: UIPEthernet\utility\Enc28J60Network.h (default PE_5 (P6_6 on MSP430F5529))



nothing new, only support for MSP430F5529




This is my release, so... some aspects may not work properly but this library looks promising and I'm going to work on it further.

not working:


EthernetClient -> port

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