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Is it possible to use Energia natively under Linux ? I've downloaded it on my Linux machine (Mint 16 x64) and I can compile sketches, but what do I do with the board FTDI/ICDI drivers and the Serial port?


If I run it without installing drivers the Energia serial port selection is grayed out and the uploader generates error messages:


Unable to open USB device: LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS
Unable to find any ICDI devices


(My experience with Linux is quite outdated, the work I've done in the last 5+yrs was on a Windows platform.)

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Ok, I found this thread:


and got things working.


But as everything in Linux it takes hours to figure every simple configuration thing. It was like that when I tried Linux in the mid 90s. It was like that when I had to use Linux at work in the mid 00s and it is still there now, quite unfortunately...

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For Mint/*buntu at least you can also skip the udev rules by simply adding the user to the ownership group of the device file, in this case 'dialout'.


Show device permissions: (for the default ACM0):

ls -al /dev/ttyA*

crw-rw-r-- 1 root dialout 166, 0 May  1 10:19 /dev/ttyACM0


Show current group members:

cat /etc/group | grep <groupname>

cat /etc/group | grep dialout




Add existing user to the group (as secondary group membership):

sudo usermod -a -G <group> <user>

sudo usermod -a -G dialout username

*After changes to user permissions you will need to logout and back in to establish a session with the new permissions.  (or just reboot)



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