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Kernel Panic under OSX 1.9.2 on Macbook Pro 2009

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now I've updated OSX to 10.9.2, problems with serial port are solved, now I've another nasty problem:

On some circumstances I get kernel panic while uploading or even open energia with launchpad tiva connected. Under 10.6. i didn't have kernel panic once.


This problem also occurs on the the arduino IDE, but might be solved with 1.5.2 r2:

Fixed in 1.5.6 by replacing RXTX with JSSC


So do energia using RXTX or JSSC?


Here is the issue from github:



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Is there a workaround until the new version is released?

It´s really annoying to get a hard system crash every 5-10 times (even if only "check" and not "upload" a sketch). It amazed me, that I'm the only one with this issue with energia...

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..and the best thing of all:

even when you hit "save" or "save as" BEFORE upload and the system crashes, the sketch will  NOT be saved!

So under this circumstances I would pled, that Energia is NOT working under OSX Mavericks, at least for Macbooks pro 2009.

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