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How can I create a frequency meter?

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If the frequency is low (< few kHz) you can simply count interrupts from that pin in a 1s interval using Energia-only code. This is very easy to do. I can help you with that. However If you want something more serious (say >10kHz) you need to learn how to program Tiva timers at the low level (or find an existing frequency counter project).


I've done an enhanced resolution (oversampling) frequency counter on a MSP430, but it is not using Energia and the code is not in the public domain (have not decided on that yet).

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Just joined as noticed some traffic from here to my site.


@@energia, thank you for posting the link


@@angel d, glad you found it useful


I own one of the LM4F based Stellaris Launchpads but not had time to use it yet, as focussing on the C2000 for my course.  I will try and add more useful tutorial as and when I have time.




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