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Any Entrepreneurs hanging out here?

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I was wondering if any Entrepreneurs / Small Business Owners hang out here?


If so, tell me what you think of Rob Walling's article The Micropreneur's Manifesto.


I read it tonight and thought it had a lot of interesting points. I'm personally trying to make #5 happen right now. I guess I'm reacting to all of this Maker Revolution happening around us.

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Thanks for that link. Great read. My wife and own are both running our own businesses. She is a wedding photographer and I'm a licensed irrigation designer.


It took us a while to find out niches but we're really nailing it this year. We figured out there is a big market for Pro Second shooters for weddings. She hates editing but is an amazing photographer. Her 1st year, we did 9 weddings, last year 23, and we have over 48 finished this year and she's booked every weekend for the rest of 2011 (so around 100 or so). http://www.annemariecarson.com


The State of Texas was able to lock in my niche. Based on conservation, Texas requires all irrigation installations to have designs submitted for permits along with zone hydraulic calculations and run times based on localized evapotranspiration. In 2009, the law was changed to require those drawings in CAD. Most of the Bubbas in this business fear math and computers. http://www.gwdeveloper.net


All points of the article are valid, but #8 is the most important, I think --charge for your product. That was something I learned from my Dad, if you're providing someone a service or product then you deserve to be paid for it. If I need to visit your site to find your water meter and static pressure, you're looking at $85/hr + trip charge. Anne charges a minimum of $50/hr to shoot.

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Beautiful pics. I'm an amateur photographer. Have a Nikon with a couple of lenses.


I think of myself of an entrepreneur, have not earned from it yet as my job is alot more challenging and kind of in the same area( embedded system services). I hope to earn from it someday though with my end of day creations. :)

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Yes. Big glass + low apertures = $$$$ :shock:


I'd like a Canon, some of the video capabilities are very nice but I would be shunned.

I know what you mean! Isn't that crazy? It's like a Ford vs Chevy debate.


We have a friend that is Nikon this and Nikon that. He has to bite his tongue when he sees my wife's Canon.


We just go down to the local pro photography shop and get a dose of reality from the counter personnel ie: "Whatever makes you money is the best. Oh, and that'll be $1600 for that Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 L USM Wide Angle Lens please." :o :shock:


It's comforting to know that there are camera gear rental programs available.

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