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[Energia Library] Arduino "Scheduler" port to Energia Qs

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I have come across a possible bug or some function clash with Scheduler on Tiva TM4C launchpad.


Using CCSv6 for debugging this leads to scheduler causing a fault condition resorting in an infinite loop static void FaultISR(void).


The flow is as follows:

One scheduler loop and the main loop. The program goes through setup, jumps to the main loop and comes to a delay in it., that in turn then calls yield(), passing command over to Scheduler, calling coopDoYield(cur), then static CoopTask* __attribute__((noinline)) coopSchedule(char taskDied), confirming that the task has not died, jumping to the next task, back to coopDoYield(cur) and failing to FaultISR(void).


From this we I guess that the pointer to the next task is wrong or something similar.


Any ideas? I have not yet managed to find a workaround.

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I have tested the scheduler library only with the Energia framework. I have CCSv5 but I used it solely for msp430 projects and do not have it configured for Tiva. I'll look into it when I get some spare time, could be memory allocation issues or unsupported pragmas, hard to say...

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