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Flash programming in ASM

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Hello All,


I am trying to write data into flash which i need to copy it to the SRAM later. I am doing this in assembly and this is part of the code i am trying to use.


I have provided the addresses of the FMD, FMA and FMC registers needed for flash programming and then I am copying those addresses into the registers r8,r9 and r10.


My question is how do i now load data values into the addresses pointed by the registers r8,r9 and r10? As you can see, I am clearly wrong somewhere and need assistance!!


FMD   EQU 0x000000AB
FMA  EQU 0x000000DC
FMC   EQU 0x000000FF
MOV32 [R8], #0xF0F0F0F0
MOV32 R9, #0x00000000
MOV32   R10,#0xA4420001
BNE poll
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It will be a little cheating, but for learning purposes will work, as long as nobody knows what you have done: just compile the driverlib routine write_to_flash, generate a listing and try to understand how the writing should be done, then adapt it for your needs.


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