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Writing into the SRAM

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Hello All,


I am new to Stellaris programming and need your assistance. 


I am trying to read the SRAM contents at time of boot. For this, I need to write an input bit pattern into the SRAM to validate the results after boot.


Please let me know how to write into the SRAM and modify the SRAM contents.


I am using Stellaris LM4F120 and µvision4 as my IDE.






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No idea about uvision4, but if you happen to have a "startup_<something>.c" file, you would put some code in the ResetISR() function to "color" the SRAM with a bit pattern.  Could probably be in C, not necessarily ASM.  Be sure not to color it all, since your own code uses SRAM for stack space.  You'll have to figure out by experimentation how far you can go with that.

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