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I am toying with a robotics project using tiva + energia. I got to the point where the USB tether between the robot and the laptop became a nuisance. Hence two questions:

1. Is it possible to fully emulate energia link to the board wirelessly (both the code download and the serial port) ?

2. If #1 is impossible what is the easiest / least expensive way to get at least the serial link working over the air (wifi, BT, etc) ?


And one more unrelated question - is there a PWM audio-out code useable with energia framework (before I started writing my own for Tiva PWM module) ?

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Nothing exists as far as I know to do "untethered" download. As for a wireless link, I'd recommend the inexpensive Anaren AIR < 1GHz BoosterPack. For 19$ you get to very easy to use BoosterPacks. These work for both Tiva and MSP430 LaunchPads. You can get them here: https://estore.ti.com/430BOOST-CC110L-CC110L-RF-Module-BoosterPack-P2734.aspx


I have used these in a HexBot hack as the wireless link between the controller and the bug.


re PWM audio-out, don't know of anything existing for TivaC / MSP430 but there are plenty Arduino options which I am sure that some of them can be easily adapted to Energia.

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For under 10 dollars on ebay you can pick up HC05 or HC06 bluetooth modules. They simply have VCC and ground pins for power then TX and RX for connection to one of the Tiva's UARTs. Pair them with any device which supports bluetooth serial (windows, OSX, most linux distros and then there are android apps, windows phone 8 apps and most likely iOS but I dont use iOS so cant confirm), any byte sent by the Tiva to the bluetooth module will then be transmitted via bluetooth to the paired device and any byte the other device tries to send via bluetooth will be transmitted on the bluetooth modules TX pin which can be read by the Tiva as usual. Doesnt get any easier to use than that.


That is what I use most of the time anyway. Even cheaper than bluetooth is infrared, but its not quite as straight forward and has its own issues with range and interference.

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