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New Energia release 0101E0012 - 03/20/2014

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I have a strange problem with Energia. On certain simple projects it generates huge (512M) .bin file and hangs during the upload, although the binary sketch size reported in the shell is perfectly normal. It is reproduceable, but I can not find what in the code triggeres it. Has anyone noticed something similar ?

Can you post the code that results in the exorbitant code?
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I think I found the culprit - uint64_t seem to confuse the linker in certain cases. Since it works sometimes perhaps the problem is related to the alignment ?


I used uint64_t to avoid overload in the duty cycle computations in my variant of the PMWWrite(). I switched to float and so far everything is stable.

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Perhaps someone with more experience with GCC flow can look at these objdump -x outputs and get some idea. The only change between the two projects is "uint64_t" changed to "float" in one place inside the PWMWrite().


using uint64_t (.bin file 512Mb):



using float (.bin size 3876 bytes)


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1. Pull the latest wiring_analog.c and the TServo library from my Energia clone:


2. Build the TServo "three_async_servos" example. The .bin should come up normal (my latest version of wiring_analog.c uses float).

3. Change the "float" to "uint64_t" inside PWMWrite() inside wiring_analog.c (there is only one place).

4. Build the example and check the size of the .bin file.


Let me know if you can reproduce the problem.

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FYI: New Energia release 0101E0013 - 09/05/2014




"This release adds support for the awesome CC3200 WiFi LaunchPad and CC3100 BoosterPack for MSP430 and TivaC."


If you have a CC3200, be sure to see the preparation and cautions mentioned in the above thread.  (ADC voltage limit, jumper settings)


[i just realized that there hasn't been much of an announcement of this update on stellarisiti.  Thought would be well to include a notice here for those who don't read 43oh.]




The Tiva and CC3200 support inadvertently had optimization turned off.  


The next release will fix this, but in the interim you can download a patch from the above thread that turns optimization back on.


[Edit]micros function has problems on CC3200.  See 


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