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New Energia release 0101E0012 - 03/20/2014

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Yay!  This also has the fully fixed HardwareSerial for Tiva that lets you custom-declare buffer size.

Run .setBufferSize(unsigned long txsize, unsigned long rxsize) before .begin() to get a custom-sized buffer-


Serial.setBufferSize(256, 2048);  // TX buffer 256b, RX buffer 2KB



Default for both is 256b if not specified.

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Yeah, but still a bit frustrating having memory on the 5529LP that can't be accessed.

Short answer is, Energia doesn't want to use a potentially unstable ver of gcc... Peter's last ver was a "dev" release supporting large memory, and RH's GCC port is still considered unstable or insufficient. That said, I use Peter's last dev release with satisfactory results in my non-Energia msp430 apps. (Should have done this over @ 43oh since @@bluehash is trying to keep them separate)
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@@energia - tell me something about i2c on TM4C1294,

default module declared in Wire.h is 3

but in Wire.cpp module 3 is not declared for TM4C1294.

What happens, when user write Wire.begin() ?

I think that for TM4C1294 must be declared alternative i2c module...

If I'm reading that right, the i2cModule variable is merely an index into the various g_ulii2c* arrays, in which case "module 3" would actually be I2C7 on the 4NCPDT version of the chip used in the Connected LP.  That's PD_0 and PD_1, located in what's normally the SPI MOSI/MISO lines on the upper boosterpack header (but also happens to be the I2C pins on the original MSP430G2 LP).


So setModule() with 0 = I2C0 (PB2/PB3, in the "new standard" boosterpack I2C location in the upper BP header), 1 = I2C2 (PN4/PN5, in the "new standard" boosterpack I2C location in the lower BP header), 2 = I2C8 (PA2/PA3, can't find those on the bpak headers), 3 = I2C7 (PD0/PD1, typically the SPI MISO/MOSI pins on the upper BP header)

(referring to @@Rei Vilo 's excellent diagram here- http://energia.nu/Guide_ConnectedLaunchPad.html )

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I have a strange problem with Energia. On certain simple projects it generates huge (512M) .bin file and hangs during the upload, although the binary sketch size reported in the shell is perfectly normal. It is reproduceable, but I can not find what in the code triggeres it. Has anyone noticed something similar ?

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